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Riverhouse Children’s Center truly believes that early childhood is the most important phase for overall development in a child’s life. Studies show that quality preschool and early childhood programming lowers the cost for K-12 schools by decreasing the number of children who need remedial education or intervention. It has also been shown these same students enter school ready to learn, putting them on a path to success. With several well-established long-term benefits including higher earnings, healthier lifestyles, lower crime rate and reduced social costs, investment in quality early education programming is a priority in strengthening our overall community. Each day, Riverhouse is directly impacting our community in a positive way.

As the cost of providing quality early education and care services continues to grow, Riverhouse Children’s Center relies on the constant support of our community to be able to continually provide the highest level of programming to our students. Your charitable support directly benefits the children in our care, as these funds remain an important component of our organization’s operating budget to support classroom development, tuition assistant and teacher education. It will also go to help with General programming, our organic food program, field trips, and event programming. We hope you will make your gift today indicating your confidence in our efforts to provide the very best early education and care for our students.


Please visit our Friends of Riverhouse page to see all of the individuals, businesses and foundations who have supported us!