Riverhouse maintains a wait list in each of it's classrooms. We place children by their kindergarten year and create balanced classrooms to best meet the needs of our currents students and teachers.

Riverhouse charges a one-time $25 fee to be put onto our wait-list.


Our wait list is Open!

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**The only time we offer school tours mid year is when we are filling a new vacancy in our roster.**




                         Welcome to the family!


In order for your registration and enrollment to be complete, please fill out your appropriate paperwork packet and email it to Please note that the parent handbook is attached to each registration packet as well. 

Riverhouse charges a one time $150 registration fee to be enrolled at our school.


Chickadee Registration Packet (6 weeks to 12 months)

Hummingbird Registration Packet (12 months to 2 yrs)

Sparrow & Blue Jay Registration Packet (18 months to 4 yrs)

Amethyst & Emerald Starling Registration Packet (4 yrs to 6  yrs)

2018 Parent Handbook