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Help Riverhouse provide the best care possible for your miniature family member

by purchasing one or more packages below. The proceeds of your donation goes directly to the category it is listed under. Thank you for your contribution, and for helping us provide the most engaging and educational school experience possible.


$300 pledge

Organic Food Program

Healthy minds develop healthy brains! A $300 pledge will assist in providing a nutritious and delicious meal for all of our children on the food program. Riverhouse proudly prepares all meals in-house using locally sourced organic meats and produce whenever possible. A couple local farms that we frequent are Sunnyside and James Ranch. We are proud to support our community while providing nutritious meals for our students. 

$200 pledge

Multicultural and Field Trip Program

Your $200 pledge will help support and expand the multicultural and field trip program at Riverhouse. The multicultural program includes American Sign Language, Yoga, and Music and Movement. We would like to add Spanish and Dance in the future! 

$100 pledge

Appreciation & Events Programming

A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart! We at Riverhouse are lucky to employ some of the greatest teachers for our young children. Please help support our teaching staff with appreciation benefits like 30 minute massages, health checks, mindfulness classes, yoga passes, and gym memberships. Your donation will allow Riverhouse Children’s Center the means to support our teachers while they in turn support the children of our program.


Your pledge will also go towards our family gatherings, which build a strong sense of community between our staff and families. Some of our annual events include a Fall Festival, Parent Appreciation Night, Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony, School Orientation, Community Wide Open House, and Mothr's and Father's Day events, Thanksgiving and Christmas potlucks, and many more holiday parties. 

$50 pledge

Playground Toys, Educational and Art Supply Closet

Help support our inspiring artists, future architects, scientists, ballerinas, doctors, athletes, and astronauts! Utilizing Creative Curriculum lends itself to individualizing activities for each child's enjoyment; however, we need an array of items like art supplies, age appropriate books, puzzles, science & sensory toys, manipulatives, cars, blocks, and role playing attire in order to find a way that inspires curiosity, which sparks teachable moments, which turn into knowledge for our young future.

Assist Riverhouse with engaging children to get outside, get moving, and connect with the natural world. Research shows that children who play outside are happier, healthier, and stronger! Riverhouse students go outside at least twice a day, and we provide them with multiple gross motor, sensory, fine motor, and cognitive activites. Your donation will go towards updating our strider bikes and bicycle helmets, purchasing proper outdoor storage for our materials, buying art easels to encourage outdoor creativity, and many other varied outdoor activities.

$25 pledge

General Programming

Your $25 pledge will graciously provide for our many other needs such as classroom & office supplies, cleaning supplies, and facility maintenance.

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