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Riverhouse Children’s Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit child development center providing child care and early education services for children from six weeks through five years old. Riverhouse has been in operation since 2004 and has served over 600 families since its inception.


Our Mission

Building the foundation for a lifetime of success through quality early childhood education.


We are committed to providing a safe, clean, and organized environment accessible to all children in our community regardless of financial hardship. It has been shown that the qulity of early childhood education directly influences health, economic, and social outcomes for individuals. It is our vision to positively impact our children, who are our future community leaders.


Health Food Program

Riverhouse believes that one of the keys to proper physical and educational development is nutrition. As such, Riverhouse employs a full-time cook who is responsible for providing a healthy, homemade morning snack and lunch to all children over one year of age. We are proud to support local business and serve James Ranch beef and cheese, Sunnyside chicken, pork, & sausage, fresh fruits and veggies from Tierra Vida Farm, organic milk, and whole grains. Our cook is also able to make substitute meal items for those with dietary restrictions.


Our Curriculum

Each classroom at Riverhouse utilizes The Creative Curriculum™ as a teaching tool, which facilitates ongoing developmental tracking, individual child assessment, and curriculum planning. Employing a combination of teacher-directed and child-initiated learning, The Creative Curriculum™ emphasizes responding to children's learning styles and building on their strengths and interest. The Creative Curriculum™ aids teachers in completing individual child assessments, classroom curriculum planning, as well as in developing concerted goals for kindergarten readiness. It is the responsibility of our teachers to develop daily activities around the themes that the children are interested in while weaving in social-emotional, language, gross motor and early mathematical and literacy learning. 



We place children in balanced classrooms based on their kindergarten start year. As our students grow and develop they are moved to the next classroom with their peers. We follow the 9-R school schedule, so we typically have one major transition each year in late August/early September. 


Riverhouse maintains a wait list in each of its 7 classrooms. If you would like to get on our wait list please visit our registration page.



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