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Parent Survey Results
Spring 2023

More to come - 

We received 38 out of 60 possible responses - a 63% return rate so far. The most salient information includes:
● 87% report they are very or mostly satisfied with Riverhouse
● 58% report they are “very satisfied” with their teachers, and another 34% are mostly satisfied.
● 38% would like to see cameras installed, and 46% are “maybes”
● 73% are happy with the number of activities we currently have
● 58% would like to see more personalized and cultural practices
● 62% (24 families so far) would like to see a bilingual program
● 36% report we need to improve transitions & 36% say they’re great as is
● 40% would like to see more Parent’s Night’s Out offerings

We hear you and are making these plans based on the feedback we’re receiving:
1. Hummingbirds - we’re adding Rie to the team to help with communication
2. Bilingual Program - we are pursuing this; stay tuned in the fall!
3. 5 pm Pick-up - this will begin as of Friday, September 8th of this year
4. More consistent updates on what my child is learning - we are following through with this to be sure parents get more information
5. Nap time - we are shortening nap times and will follow through with this. Eagles has already been shortened, and will go away entirely this summer.  Falcons & Blue Jays - 2 hr maximum time on their cots. Nap times are 12:45 to 2:45.  The other, younger classrooms, have a nap schedule according to the individual children’s needs or - as in Sparrows - when the teachers deem it is needed.

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