Red Ball Express


Red Ball Express is an annual fundraiser put on by the four Rotary Clubs in LaPlata County. On February 9, 2019, over 100 gigantic numbered red exercise balls were rolled down a course on the slopes at Durango Mountain Resort.


Every year, prior to the event, tickets are sold. Each ticket is assigned a 2 number combination. If your combination matches the first, second or third sets of balls to cross the finish line, you win $5000, $2000, or $1000, respectively!


With the help of our staff and families, we sold the most tickets out of all of the nonprofits in Durango of 2018! The Rotary Club helped us raise over $1200 in 2017 by partnering on this event. 


Fun fact - out of the Seven years we've been a part of this fundraiser, we have sold winning tickets five times!