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Columbine Classic Duet

We are excited to announce that we raised $35,000 in the 2018 Columbine Classic! 

The Columbine Classic

The Columbine Classic, now Celebrating its 24th anniversary, is a two-day golf tournament for women. The event will be played at the Glacier Club Valley Course and Dalton Ranch Golf Course on June 13th to June 14th, 2018. In 2004, the tournament became a charity event and has since contributed over $200,000 to local area non-profits. 2018's fundraising goal was $25,000. 

All Proceeds for the 2018 event went to Riverhouse Children's Center. These funds will be used to provide: Tuition assistance

Classroom materials

Staff Training and Development


Field Trips

Grow Towers 

Program Enhancements such as; music, art and yoga. 

Proceeds to Riverhouse

Donations can be mailed to:

Columbine Classic

10 Town Plaza #224

Durango, Co 81301

For more details please contact the 2018 Columbine Classic Duet Committee:

Cathy Gaskell -

Michelle James -

Sandy Elliot -

Marina Siepiela -

Donna Flynn -


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